Look For Less: Hermes vs. Iridum Clothing

So, I know you guys have heard so much about the obnoxious price of the crocodile
shirt that Kanye was claimed having, and here it is:

Now I understand the love for fashion and designer luxury, but I could not.
There are too many other alternatives for something that'll appear to be the same,
besides.. you do not need a shirt for 91k!

So with that being said,

The look for less brand i've chosen for today would be;
Iridium clothing brand @ shop.thinknscience.com !
Their Croc Embossed Leather Zipper T-Shirt

Looks similar and even has a little more pizzazz
with the detailed gold zippers on the sides.
This t-shirt retails for $165& they have plenty more custom designs to choose or request from!
You can go to their site to look at more views of the shirt,
and they have women's apparel aswell :)
Shop thinknscience.com now !

                                                                            images via houseofsabrina & thinknscience

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  1. Lena Ker says:

    really really gorgeous!

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